joi, 18 martie 2010


It's so easy to smile when you're free. When you can do what you want to do, when you can be YOU! When you can dream without being afraid that your dreams are far away from reality. In fact your life it's so perfect that you don't have anything to dream about. That's kinda's funny to dream.

How easy is to dream when you have someone close to you, when you're sure that everyone you know supports you. When no one breaks your wings when you're about to take your flight to the unknown, to grow up, to discover the real world.

I hate you more than I usually hate somebody. I hate you because all the happiness has gone to you and others like you leaving me alone, in my sadness and sorrow. I hate you because while you're happy with your life and you enjoy it, I'm sitting here, suffering as a lonely soul, forgotten by the world. Where is my freedom? Where is my happiness? Why does everything around me seems to be against me?

A person said once that it doesnţt worth it being happy all the time 'cause you won't be able to appreaciate the happiness. I'm still wondering if that person is right... . Maybe....although I don't mind being happy all the time. Who would?

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