marți, 17 august 2010

Alta leapsa

i am: happy. sad. a good friend. adventurous. shy. confident. procrastinating. a male. bored. anxious. clumsy. sociable. always punctual. selfish. intelligent. funny. a female. sarcastic. insecure. sick. beautiful. articulate. loud. kind. even tempered. honest. short. tall. medium height. proud of myself. loving. witty. down to earth. outspoken. determined. high maintenance. pretty. assertive. organized. selfless.

i have: brown hair. blue eyes. brown eyes. curly hair. long fingernails. curves. braces. chipped nail polish. long legs. straight hair. a fringe. long eyelashes. sore feet. dark skin. green eyes. blonde hair. dyed hair. red hair. short legs. big boobs. rosy cheeks. straight hair. wavy hair. black hair. a small waist. piercings. tattoos. big ears. short hair. (medium..whateva')

i love: babies. flowers(some of them). summer. coffee. the rain. candles. incense. late night talk shows. insects. hugs. attention. the beach.chocolate. music. hats. harry potter. twilight(daca se refera la amurg, la carte/film *-both for me). facebook. black and white photos. sleeping in. driving. narrating my pet’s thoughts. opening gifts. buying gifts. halloween. cute texts. apples. compliments. country music. hip hop. sushi. sports. art. singing. seeing my loved ones happy. surprises. sunsets and sunrises. horror movies. simon cowell. family guy. garlic. hearing somebody talk in their sleep. being right. kfc. abstract photography. concerts and festivals. tanning. over sized t-shirts.

i would love to be a: police officer. lawyer. doctor. teacher. fruit picker. mother. greenpeace volunteer. hippie. groupie. rockstar. footballer’s wife. therapist. singer. actress. diving instructor. lottery winner. company owner. housewife. nurse. builder. race car driver. website developer. an inspirational talker. music teacher. artist. chef. makeup artist. hairdresser. restaurant owner. homeless shelter volunteer. fitness trainer. vet. radio show manager

i like to eat: fruit. vegetables. fast food. sushi. in bed. rice. sandwiches. subway. chicken. cakes. seafood. a lot. pasta. rice crackers. when i’m bored. cheese. ice cream. lunch. garlic bread. peanut butter out of the jar. eggs. lots of ethnic foods. pancakes. honey. bread crusts. low calorie foods. soy products. gluten free products. only when i’m hungry. toast .breakfast. pizza.

i dislike: cold mornings. baths. people dissing my taste in music. people in front of me walking really slowly. having my personal space invaded. cleaning. going to bed early. wine/beer. religion arguments. coffee. the beach. rain. children. drama. gossiping. hip hop. cooking shows. drugs. cats. people singing happy birthday to me. school. selfish people. social networking sites. swimming. snow. eminem. seafood. one word text messages. awkward silences. alarm clocks.

i like: reading. writing. the beatles. true blood. demi lovato. miley cyrus. selena gomez. taylor swift. knitting. crafts. perez hilton. tea. cats.twitter. cold weather. tofu. hummus. adam lambert. muse. the killers. jay leno. conan o’brien. craig ferguson. pcs. john lennon. jennifer aniston. lost. marriage equality. michael buble. poetry. yoga. crocs. peace. my hometown. proper spelling. proper grammar. disney. saturday night live. stem cell research. green movement. adopting animals. vegetarianism/veganism. jimmy fallon. learning new languages. david bowie. snow. horror books. fantasy books. disney channel shows. being pale.

i am a cuddler. i am a morning person. i am an only child. i am currently in my pajamas. i am currently pregnant. i am currently single. i am currently suffering from a broken heart. i am left handed. i am married. i am addicted to my myspace. i am online 24/7, even as an away message. i am a little shy around the opposite gender at first. i bite my nails. i can be paranoid at times. i don’t like anyone. i enjoy country music. i enjoy jazz music. i enjoy smoothies. i enjoy talking on the phone. i have a car. i have a hidden talent. i have a pet. i have a tendency to fall for the “wrong” guy/girl. i have all my grandparents. i have been to another country. i have been told that i have an unusual sense of humor. i have or had broken a bone. i have caller i.d. on my phone. i have bathed someone. i have changed a diaper.i have changed a lot over the past year. i have done something illegal. i have friends who have never seen my natural hair color. i have had major/minor surgery. i have killed another person. i have had my hair cut within the last week. i have mood swings. i have no idea what i want to do for the rest of my life. i have seen the television show the o.c. i have seen the lord of the rings trilogy. i like the taste of blood. i love michael jackson. i love sleeping. i love to play computer games. i love to shop. i own 100 cds or more. i own and use a library card. i read books for pleasure in my spare time. i sleep a lot during the day. i strongly dislike math. i was born in a country other than the us. i watch soap operas on a regular basis. i work at a job that i enjoy. i would classify myself as ghetto. i would get plastic surgery if it were 100% safe, free of cost, and scar-free. i am currently wearing socks. i am tired. i love to paint/draw/sketch/sculpt.

i have/had: graduated high school. rode every ride at an amusement park. collected something really stupid. gone to a rock concert. helped someone. gone fishing. spun turn tables. watched four movies in one night. failed a class. taken a college level course. been in a car accident. been in a tornado. done hard drugs (i.e. ecstasy, heroin, crack, meth, acid). watched someone die. been to a funeral. burned yourself. ran a marathon. your parents got divorced. cried yourself to sleep. cheated on someone. been cheated on. written a 10 page letter. gone skiing. been sailing. have a best friend. lost someone you loved. shoplifted something. been to jail. had detention. skipped school. got in trouble for something you didn’t do. stolen books from the library. gone to a different country. been in a mental hospital.watched the “harry potter” movies. fired a gun. gambled in a casino. had a yard sale. and a lemonade stand. actually made money at the lemonade stand. been in a school play. been fired from a job. taken a lie detector test. swam with dolphins. gone to sea world. attempted suicide. voted for american/australian idol. written poetry. read more than 20 books a year.gone to europe. loved someone you couldn’t have. wondered about your sexuality. used a coloring book over age 12. had surgery. had stitches. taken a taxi. seen the washington monument. had more than 5 im’s/online conversations going at once. overdosed. had a drug or alcohol problem. been in a fist fight. had a hamster. petted a wild animal. used a credit card. gone surfing in california. did “spirit day” at school. dyed your hair. got a tattoo. had something pierced. got straight a’s. been on the honor roll. your parents sent you to a shrink. been handcuffed. known someone with hiv or aids. taken pictures with a webcam. started a fire.

Mai departe la Ana si cine mai vrea.

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