marți, 10 august 2010


*. Listening: Dub Fx-Made
*. Eating: ice cream
*. Dreanking: Sprite
*. What are you doing right now: posting on my blog:D
*. Last person you talked to: Ana
*. Last city you've visited: Slatina
*. Last thing you bought: a black lace skirt:X
*. Last time you cried: yesterday
*. Last web-site visited:
*. Last phone abroad: Bibi
*. Last movie seen: The exorcist
*. Last book read: Dansatoarea- Mori Ogai(haven't finished it yet)
*. Last football match saw: I hate football!
*. Last prize won: i don't know
*. Last present gave: an "organic"? hand made diary, a pink scarf with blue anchors, a special CD with photos with my friend
*. Last present recieved: a book, a necklace, a pair of earrings and one of my drawings printed on a shirt
*. Last time you said no: this morning when somebody asked me out
*. Last friend made: ??not sure...
*. Last person you saw: my mom
*. Last person who pissed you off: my sister
*. Last wish came true: a visit in Pitesti to play the piano:X

Leapsa merge la Ana.

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